Communities practicing allyship for communities

CommunALLY explores avenues for allyship between First Nation, Métis, Inuit, Immigrant, and Refugee communities. We believe that marginalized communities should expand the ways they stand in solidarity with one another against colonial systems of oppression. While they have encountered vastly different histories and cannot be categorized as the same, we believe that together, these communities can learn from each other and build solidarity in ways that intertwine their lived experiences.. The CommunALLY project is spearheaded by people from the communities that the project represents. 

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Our Phase One Report

Cover of ComunALLY's phase one report


This report gives an overview of CommunALLY thus far. In the summer of 2020, we began this project through a pilot story collection phase and consultation process. This report summarizes our learnings from these discussions and what we intend to do with this knowledge moving forward. This report situates CommunALLY in the context of a colonial Canada and the experiences of Indigenous, immigrant and refugee peoples as individuals, as communities, and in broader society.


CommunALLY Stories

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Javier Badillo
Javier Badillo's ComunALLY story graphic