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CommunALLY explores avenues for allyship between First Nation, Métis, Inuit, Immigrant, and Refugee communities. We believe that marginalized communities should expand the ways they stand in solidarity with one another against colonial systems of oppression. While they have encountered vastly different histories and cannot be categorized as the same, we believe that together, these communities can learn from each other and build solidarity in ways that intertwine their lived experiences.. The CommunALLY project is spearheaded by people from the communities that the project represents. 

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Share your story

Are you part of an Indigenous, Immigrant, or Refugee community? Have you experienced discrimination? We invite you to share your story and suggest ways you’d like to see other communities be allies for your community.

You choose what you want to share, how much you want to share, and the way you want to share. We will always tell you how we're planning to share your story. We commit to respecting and validating your experience, and we will actively practice allyship for you, whenever and however you need it.

Our Plan

Phase 1: Story Sharing

Phase 2:  Learning from Lived Experience

Phase 3: Consultation and Engagement

Phase 4: Driving Impact

Share our Work

As a small grassroots organization, we rely on your voice to spread the word. Know someone who would want to share their story? Want others to learn about CommunALLY? Use #CommunALLY on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Looking for pictures to share on your social media?

Our Vision

Through our work to navigate the positive and negative consequences of speaking up in real-life situations, we envision a world where people know how to practice allyship and are prepared to do so. We see a world full of empowered people who are their own allies as well as allies for others.

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