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Join the Ally Squared Team

Ally Squared would love to have you on board! Apply to one of our postings below. Don't see a job for you down here, but still want to be involved? Send us an email at

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A note on compensation:

We want to be honest with you. As a small youth-led nonprofit, we don’t have the funds to provide financial compensation to anyone on our team, whether it be a Director or a team member. As young activists ourselves, we recognize that youth, especially people of colour, don't get paid for their labour and are undervalued.  As we grow, we hope to create paid opportunities that respect young people's contributions to community work.

In the meantime, here is what we can promise you'll get from a volunteer position with us:

1.  A supportive team full of mentors with vastly different experiences who are dedicated to your growth.

2. Recommendation letters, help with fulfilling unpaid internship or course requirements, and access to our networks for potential paid opportunities.

3. Credit and by-lines for the research you do with us. 

4. Access to training that focuses on building your learning.

5. Autonomy, respect, and allyship whenever and however you need us.

We hope you apply to one of our positions. We'd love to have you on board.

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There are currently no positions available.

Please check back in soon!

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