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About Us

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We believe in the duality of allyship.
We can need an ally while also practicing allyship. Sometimes people aren't around to practice allyship for us. Other times, it may not be appropriate for them to speak up. We need to be better prepared to practice allyship for ourselves.

We must recognize that we're multi-identity people. Society enables privilege for some parts of our identities while oppressing other parts. We have to use our privilege to show up for those whose identities are oppressed. 

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Our Vision

We envision a world where people know how to practice allyship and are prepared to do so in active and responsible ways. We see a world full of empowered people who are their own allies as well as allies for others.


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Active Allyship is...


De-focusing from yourself and combatting saviorism.


Measures both positive and negative impact on individual and collectivist levels.


Making sure that human safety is prioritized above the impact on institutions.


Recognizes the intersectionality of identity, issues, and allyship.


It adapts to the needs of the most marginalized and is responsive to change.


Works with others to create collective change for everyone's benefit.

Our Mission

Ally Squared is an intersectional feminist organization that uses digital storytelling, advocacy, and action to invest in active allyship that supports an equitable, decolonized and just society.

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A group of people sitting watching an Ally Squared training presentation