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Ally Squared Equity and Allyship Training

Imagine allyship as a journey.

Imagine allyship as a journey dedicated to reaching the destination of equity. Everyone's journey looks different, but each step requires tools and skills to avoid getting lost or facing too many bumps on the road. 

Ally Squared wants to equip you with the right resources so you can sit in the driver's seat of your own equity journey, without feeling nervous or unprepared. 

Let us be your guide!

Reading the Road

We'll show you how to navigate power dynamics created by race, income, gender, and more in the classroom. We'll equip you with tools and frameworks to practice trauma-informed and anti-oppressive teaching.

1.5 hours

Turning the Engine of
Anti-Racism Training

Together, we'll unpack the ways anti-racism practice can counter racism in systems within education. Using case studies and activities, we'll empower your practice of anti-racism in and out of the classroom.

2 hours

Mapping A New Path for
Education Training

Grow the potential of allyship in education through this training by reimagining what allyship looks like in all facets of education using principles of Ally Squared's 6 Pillars of Allyship. You'll leave the training with impact goals and tools to drive allyship forward.

2 hours

Educators hold the key to advancing equity work for future generations. They help students navigate their journeys to equity, while also moving down their own path. We're here to help educators steer themselves and their students to success.

At all school levels

Parents and caregivers are the first and main point of learning for children. Simply put: Anti-racist parents raise anti-racist kids. Ally Squared is here to guide you through equity-centered parenting one step at a time, no matter what age your child is.

Parents and Caregivers

Creating the Identity Map

We'll show you how to build and reinforce a strong sense of self and identity in your children, and encourage them to approach diversity through an inclusive point of view.

1.5 hours

Turning the Anti-Racism Wheels

We'll guide you on how to be active in raising anti-racist children. We'll help you navigate the content and delivery of conversations and exercises about race so your children feel motivated and prepared to be anti-racist.

1.5 hours

Grow your capacity to support equity work in this training, where we'll show you how to practice allyship for your children and others in your community. Using Ally Squared's 6 Pillars of Allyship framework, we'll use case studies to empower your practice of active allyship.

1.5 hours

Not Your Backseat Driver

Youth and Youth-Serving Organizations

Doing equity work as youth is a lot like building the road as you bike on it. Luckily, our team has all the tools you need to get started. As a youth-led organization ourselves, we've been through this journey, and we'd love to share the bike path with you to start (or continue) your equity work.

License to Be You

We'll explore the journey of identity building as youth leaders and teach you how to build social consciousness using positionality and privilege.

1.5 hours

Forging Our Own Path for Anti-Racism Training

We'll focus on anti-racism work from a youth movement lens and guide you through fundamental critical thinking questions and essential tools for anti-racism work.

1.5 hours

Taking Steps for Active Allyship Training

Using Ally Squared's 6 Pillars of Allyship framework, we'll show you how to practice allyship that is active, tangible, and leads to impact.

2 hours

Sharing the Path of Equity Work Training

Explore the initiating, growing, and leading steps of youth movements for equity and anti-racism through a framework of collective allyship. We'll show you how to create relationships that are reciprocal, restorative, and lead to results.

1.5 hours

For years, our team has offered training on a variety of topics for private and public sector organizations. We're excited to continue this work by helping groups gets closer to reaching their equity destinations through 4 offerings.

General Audience

Getting on the Right Path

We'll provide you with the foundational steps to beginning your equity work effectively.

1.5 hours

Driver's Manual for Anti-Racism Training

We'll guide you through the fundamentals of anti-racism practice so you feel prepared to implement policies and systems that address racism in your organization.

1.5 hours

Fuelling Up for Anti-
Racism Work Training

We'll explore the needs of your organization to build capacity for sustainable and impactful anti-racism work.

2 hours

Creating A Carpool Lane for Equity Training

Explore the important steps every person and organization need to take to move towards active allyship. We'll give you tools and frameworks to implement allyship in your organization.

2 hours

Packages and Other Offerings

One Hour Facilitation

We'd love to facilitate a discussion or deliver a speech at your meeting or event.

Two Hour Facilitation

We'd love to facilitate a discussion or deliver a speech at your meeting or event.

Journeyer Package

Ready to do the full journey? Try our package with 3 workshops on different topics and 1 in-depth consultation.

Voyager Package

Serious about the voyage to equity? Try our large package, with 5 workshops and 2 in-depth consultations.

Have any questions about our offerings or need guidance on which training to choose? Email us at

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