Our Team

Board of Directors

Cactus on Yellow Wall
  Uswah Ahsan   
Embroidery Hoops
  Cindy Delorme   
Maya Whiteduck Crawford
Golden Leaves
Raina Young
Jaden  Tsan
Concrete Skate and Bike Park
Alexandra Phan
Yasmine Shah
Hay Bales
Sumaya Sherif

Communications Team

Ocean Water
Holly Morrison

Engagement Team

Stone Jar
Megan Tran

Research and Projects Team

Noor Azrieh
Wood Piles
Zuleyma Caparo-Escalante
Abstract Gold Stripe
Ilinca Isopescu
Sand Dunes
Carmen  Ferri

Trainings   Team

Bicycle Against a Red Wall
Samiha  Hossain
Concrete Skate and Bike Park
Amma  Osei-Donkor
Image by Wesley Tingey
Nastassja Fernandez

Our Vision

Through our work to navigate the positive and negative consequences of speaking up in real-life situations, we envision a world where people know how to practice allyship and are prepared to do so. We see a world full of empowered people who are their own allies as well as allies for others.

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