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COVID-19 UPDATE:  Under circumstances posed by COVID-19, our team has put together a comprehensive online training platform to better provide trainings that address systemic inequalities and discrimination, as well as effective allyship practices. 

If you are interested in booking an online workshop, please send us an email: community@allysquared.ca

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Anti-oppression reflects a number of different approaches that address social and institutional inequalities. Anti-oppression requires that people examine their own actions and critically analyze social structures of power and privilege. 

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Our Trainers


Uswah Ahsan

Founder and Executive Director

Uswah is a community mobilizer who leads training using an intersectional feminist and anti-colonial approach. Her lived experiences as a Muslim immigrant who faced constant discrimination and microaggressions inform her storytelling approach to activism. Her advocacy experience includes a Tedx Talk about the presupposition of identity onto women of colour, a project that works on better informing newcomers about Indigenous peoples and reconciliation, and countless trainings on allyship. Uswah has sat on the boards of various youth-led nonprofits, has had formal negotiations training, and has completed research on birth registration for stateless populations.

Our training is only one part of starting of the conversation on what anti-oppression, equity, and decolonization looks like in your spaces. It is your responsibility to continue this work. 

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Our Vision

Through our work to navigate the positive and negative consequences of speaking up in real-life situations, we envision a world where people know how to practice allyship and are prepared to do so. We see a world full of empowered people who are their own allies as well as allies for others.

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