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Ally Squared Equity and Allyship Training

Imagine allyship as a journey.

Imagine allyship as a journey dedicated to reaching the destination of equity. Everyone's journey looks different, but each step requires tools and skills to avoid getting lost or facing too many bumps on the road. 

Ally Squared wants to equip you with the right resources so you can sit in the driver's seat of your own equity journey, without feeling nervous or unprepared. 

Let us be your guide!

In the past, our team has worked with a range of clients, from private companies to local grassroots groups. With all this experience under our (seat)belt, we're excited to expand our offerings by launching trainings that specifically cater to

1. Educators at all school levels

2. Parents and caregivers

3. Youth and youth-serving organizations

Don't fall under these demographics? Don't worry! We still offer training for other audiences.


Have any questions about our offerings or need guidance on which training to choose? Email us at

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