Equity Integration and Application Training

For a truly equitable society, allyship needs to be practiced at individual and institutional levels. That’s why we provide learning opportunities that make active allyship and equity work less daunting. As a racialized youth-led organization, we understand the impacts of poor allyship, especially within institutions. We’re committed to sharing our lived experiences, research, and expertise with organizations who want to invest in a future designed for everyone’s well-being. 

Our world is changing- it’s time to move beyond intention, towards tangible action taken by individuals and organizations that are human-centered and impact-focused. Reach out to us for Equity Integration and Application Training.

What makes our training effective?

1. We make learning accessible. We design our content based on the knowledge level of your organization and connect our theories and frameworks to real life case studies and examples. 

2. We believe in learning together. We engage our participants through discussions and reflection activities so they can learn from each other's lived experience and expertise.

3. We specialize content. We know your work is unique to you, so we design our content to match your needs.

4. Our trainers have lived experiences of the work that they train on. They have a vested interest in ensuring your learning and can speak to different manifestations of inequity.

5. We prioritize sustainability in learning and relationship building. We create open lines of communication with our clients so they can ask us questions or report on their progress even months after the training ends.

Our Training Themes

Anti-racist systems, behaviours, and actions

‘Anti-racism’ has become a popular term in the last year, but what does true anti-racism look like? Under this theme, trainers will unpack the many ways racism manifests into systems, actions, culture, policy, and assumptions. By covering instigators of anti-racism, participants are pushed to reflect on the ways they are complicit in racist behaviours and systems. This training detangles the intricacies of racism, including the ways non-Black people of colour uphold racism, and how our consumption of media leads to racism in the workplace. Using human-centered policy-making activities, participants are encouraged to develop actions, measure impact, and hold themselves accountable to building anti-racist spaces.

Our Offerings


An introductory overview of equity, anti-oppression, and allyship. This overview is best suited for organizations who have had no prior experience in equity work and need to learn fundamental principles. We provide high-level and general strategies for individual and group allyship. This workshop is not tailored to an organization’s work
or its policies and will be delivered in a speech style with audience interaction.


Ally Squared provides specialized training by doing extensive research on your needs, the experiences of your staff, existing equity policies, and your communication techniques. After reviewing, we provide specialized strategies. We break down equity topics and help you identify where they are present in your organization. Group sharing, reflection and brainstorming are core activities in this offering.. Participants leave with a better understanding of equity and specific strategies to break down oppression in their environments.


Ally Squared provides an in-depth training for Equity Integration and Application. We break down white saviorism, oppression, privilege, racism, other forms of discrimination, and how they exist in an organizational space. Through discussion, we allow participants to reflect on their actions and apply equity-based theories to their everyday lives. This offering is aimed for organizations who have not begun any equity work and need a
place to start.


Ally Squared creates a specialized training that maximizes on building, implementing, and sustaining equity policy and practice. This offering includes two training sessions, one to develop policy and the other to review progress and
adapt accordingly. We do extensive research on your mission, the experiences of your staff, existing equity policies, and the way you communicate with marginalized communities. 
Participants leave the first workshop with tangible strategies to employ ahead of the second workshop. With a minimum of 2 months in between, in the second workshop, Ally Squared creates an opportunity for follow-up, reflection, and reporting. Employing a hands-on approach, the second session focuses on implementing accountability metrics and adapting previously-made policies.

Our training is only one part of starting of the conversation on what equity looks like in your spaces. It is your responsibility to continue this work. 

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