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"Practically Canadian" by Javier Badillo

Javier came to Canada from Venezuela in 2002. He's an independent filmaker and musician. In 2019, Javier was given the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award for his contributions to Canadian society. The microaggression Javier experienced is not unknown to many people of colour and immigrants, especially those with intersecting identities or multiple cultural and racial backgrounds. "Identity policing" is when someone else feels entitled to define who you are or who is "authentic enough" to count as a member of a racialized community. In Javier's case, the effect was to erase and belittle the complexity of his lived experience as both a Venezuelan and a Canadian. 

Javier believes that First Nation, Métis, Inuit, Immigrant, and Refugee communities can be allies for one another by collaborating in artistic projects together. He argues that it is "Truly an effective and deceptively simple way to strengthen ties in an entertaining and productive way." Ally Squared will implement Javier's input after our consultation stage and work with him to make collective arts projects happen.


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